Royal Museums Greenwich

We’ve been a supplier to The Royal Museums Greenwich since 2016.

In that time we have provided audio visual and production support for conferences, dinners and product launches at the Cutty Sark, Queens’s House, Neptune Court and Peter Harrison Planetarium. Working there has always proved very straightforward, thanks to the events team and all the fantastic information that they provide their suppliers with as well as some welcome access times to the hire spaces, allowing a decent length of time to setup. 

We could never tire of working underneath the copper-clad hull of the Cutty Sark or pulling up in a van at the back of the Queen’s House or The National Maritime Museum with the view across Greenwich park and up the hill, or even driving across Blackheath and into the park to attend the venues at the top with their view out across the City  

This venue always comes with greenery, fresh air and a sense of adventure at sea or beyond the stars!

About The Royal Museums Greenwich: This collection of venues and spaces for live events and exhibitions is awash with history (there’s a pun in there somewhere). From sailing the seas on or under the Cutty Sark or at The National Maritime Museum to the cosmic surroundings of The Royal Observatory and Peter Harrison Planetarium via The Prime Meridian and the elegance of the former royal residence of Queen Anne. There is a venue to suit all manner of events for both daytime and evening hire, all with the truly epic backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage site that is Maritime Greenwich.