Royal Horticultural Halls

event tsl have been working at the Lindley Hall since 2011…

 …and It’s always a privilege to walk into the empty hall at the start of the day, looking much as it would have done at the start of the 20th century. We then go to work, adding a touch of 21st century technology, occasionally with a smattering of foliage thrown in for good measure to take it back to its’ roots, especially on the Royal Horticultural Society events that we are honoured to be asked to service.

It’s always easy working as a preferred supplier to a venue where all of the hall staff are on side and know that we’re all working towards the same goal of delivering a first class event. From the sales team to the event planners, the operations staff to the on-site electricians, they all make us feel welcome and we reciprocate by looking after them, the end clients and the magnificent Grade II listed building

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We have serviced all manner of events over the years…

 …from conferences and product launches to award shows and even election ballot counting throughout the night for Westminster City Council. After 4am finishes, our Technicians are not required back at work on those days! Highlights have included an annual award show for the best bars and drinks served in the country, all of the RHS events we are a part of and various charity functions at which famous faces from the world of rugby, exciting some staff as well as from Game of Thrones, taking the excitement of some members of staff to a dangerous level but always maintaining a professional demeanour! 

About the Royal Horticultural Halls:
Two halls fall under the banner of the RHH. They are the Lawrence Hall which is currently on a long term lease to Westminster School who are using it as an extremely glamorous sports hall! The other is the Lindley Hall, named after the botanist John Lindley and the existence of which is as a result of King Edward VII’s suggestion to the Royal Horticultural Society that they have a purpose-built hall for it’s shows. One of the key features is the wonderful glass ceiling allowing in plenty of natural light. His Majesty obviously did not give thought to the audio visual companies needing to use projectors in the hall 100 years after it was built! Thankfully, built-in ceiling shutters can assist with this. The hall has been used for many varied events, from fashion shows and car auctions to extravagant parties and even the World Snooker Championships just after the war.

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